Section 17(1): Salary as per Section 17(1) ia

Relief under Section 89A – In Respect of Salary, etc., Paid in Arrears or in Advance

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Income from House Property with Examples and Case Laws

Important Case Laws:

What is Form 16? Understand Form 16 (TDS Certificate)

Explanation of Sections 234A, 234B, and 234C


1. Accommodation/Housing Perquisite:

Explanation of Advance Tax

2. Car Perquisite:

Important Case Laws:

  1. CIT vs. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (1978):
  • SBI vs. Ramakrishnan (2007):
  • CIT vs. Essar Oil Ltd. (2006):
  • CIT vs. B. R. Srinivasan (1994):
  1. Significance: The Madras High Court clarified that if the employer provides a house to an employee at a concessional rent, the difference between the normal rent and the rent charged is a perquisite.
  • CIT vs. Sundaram Clayton Ltd. (1997):

Section 17(3): Profit in Lieu of Salary as per Section 17(3) ic


1. Bonus:

2. Commission:

Important Case Laws:

  1. CIT vs. Nalin P. Shah (2003):
  • CIT vs. K. R. Ramamani (1994):
  • CIT vs. S. Raman Chettiar (1993):
  • CIT vs. Greaves Cotton and Co. Ltd. (1991):
  • CIT vs. T. Venkateswaran (1979):



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